Armor Risk Management, LLC was created by former Ohio State Highway Patrol investigators with over 60 years of combined law enforcement and professional security risk management experience. We are passionate about what we do in searching for the truth! Service to the public has been our mission for years and we are continuing this mission in the private sector. We are here to serve you in an unbiased and professional manner.

Armor Risk Management, LLC has extensive experience in interviews and interrogations, information gathering, report writing and courtroom testimony. We have conducted hundreds of criminal and background investigations. We are also experienced in surveillance of individuals, covert operations, and camera installation. Our operations also included Governor and Presidential details with the United States Secret Service. From advance planning to emergency evacuation and intensive vehicle escape driving tactics along with providing First Aid / CPR, we know how to keep you safe wherever and whenever you travel.

We are registered as a both private investigations and a security guard services company through the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Private Investigator/Security Guard Services (PISGS) Agency. We are insured with both commercial liability and errors and omissions coverage through Scottsdale Insurance, which is a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance.

Law Enforcement and Private Sector Background Investigation Services

Armor Risk Management has a full staff of seasoned former law enforcement and private sector background investigators.

Benefits of Utilizing Armor Risk Management to conduct law enforcement background investigations:

  • Cost saving to the department and company
  • Unbiased/impartial investigation
  • Expedient turnaround time in completion of reports
  • Better utilization of departmental or company personnel
  • Total costs to complete investigations are less than in-house investigations
  • Forms can be custom-tailored to your agency

  • We gather information necessary to make an informed decision to hire

Corporate and Private Sector Background Checks

Armor Risk Management can save your company money by conducting these necessary verifications which are not lengthy or expensive:

  • Compliant with FCRA guidelines which protect you from lawsuits
  • Expedient turnaround time in completion of reports
  • Basic (1 Business Day), Standard (1 to 3 Business Days), and Premium (2 to 3 Business Days) background checks available
  • Add-On checks for Driver’s License or Previous Employer verification available

Executive & Personnel Protective Operations

Armor Risk Management can provide total protective services for Executive / Dignitary / Personnel protection:

  • Review of current protective operations
  • Security risk consulting
  • Pre-site visits and coordination with stakeholders for visiting protectees
  • Vehicle transport from airport to venue and back
  • On-site personnel to assist with ingress and egress to event
  • Wide selection of vehicles available for protectees
  • Licensed through the State of Ohio Private Investigator Security Guard Services Agency
  • Armed and concealed weapons services available

Security Risk Management Consulting

Armor Risk Management will identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks followed by coordinating the economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events. We can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your business, school or church in the areas of:

  • Building security
  • Threat assessments
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Violence mitigation from internal and external actors
  • Employee training on security risk management
  • Post incident investigation and recommendations
  • Use of technology to prevent and deter threats to organization

Private Investigator and Security Guard Services

Armor Risk Management can provide Private Investigator services and Security Guard services to handle whatever is needed regardless of how large or small the detail:
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Armed services available
  • Contract Security Guard operations available 24/7
  • Find missing, lost, or deliberately ran-away persons
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